We are Scientific Writers, medical and technical writers.

Our medical and technical writing services

We offer medical and technical writing support for your research papers, IP documentation, and medical education.

Our PhD medical and technical writers have many years of experience and are ready to support you.

We offer manuscript writing services.

Manuscript writing

Peer-review journal articles and reviews

The quality of a first draft often sets the timeline between journal submission and acceptance. Our clients receive a high-quality first draft with a managed bibliography right from the start.

Once your materials and data are ready, we can typically finalise research papers ready for submission within a 6-8 week period, allowing for feedback and revision rounds.

As an additional service, our clients can be supported all the way from the initial preparation of a detailed outline, through journal submission and peer review, right until the editor’s decision is made.

We offer technical writing support services.

Technical writing support

IP and patent documentation

Clients from the biotech sector hire us to help translate their scientific discoveries into commercial products that can impact society.

We produce technical documents for your IP research and investment purposes. Our writers know their way around a patent! 

White papers

White papers inform the industry of new procedures and services. We support clients in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP), helping them produce reports on the quality and safety of such medical products. 

We offer medical education content services.

Medical education content

Podcast and webinar scripting

The future of medical education is vision and sound, and personal development of healthcare professionals is increasingly achieved through micro-learning.

We help our clients develop CME-accredited content of the latest clinical and interventional developments in readily accessible formats. Writing scripts for video and podcast delivery is one of our strengths. 

Educational articles

Whether it’s for in-house distribution or hospital-based training, our clients hire us to write many forms of evidence-based content for senior healthcare professionals. 

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