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How we can help

Our team of PhD medical and technical writers have years of experience in academia and medical education, and is ready to support you.

As a valued client, you receive specialist writing support for research papers, slide decks, podcast and webinar scripting. 

For website copy, let us do the heavy lifting and cut through the medical jargon so that your site speaks directly to your patients.  

medical and technical writing journals and articles

Journal articles and reviews

The quality of a first draft often sets the timeline between journal submission and acceptance.

Our clients receive a high-quality first draft with a managed bibliography right from the start.

Once your materials and data are ready, we can typically finalise research papers within a six-week period allowing for feedback and revision rounds.

Presentation slide decks

Presentation slide decks

Busy presentation slides are overwhelming, and frustrate rather than inform and educate.

Audiences appreciate engaging presentations with key messages and visuals that support your scientific content.

For slide content that needs to be adapted for company branding, we work with your colours, fonts and preferences.

Medical education and podcasts

Medical education

Personal development of health care professionals is increasingly achieved through micro-learning.

You can reach your target audience (e.g. clinicians, in-house sales teams) with a well-crafted podcast or webinar training session, allowing people the flexibility to control their development and growth.


Our story

Scientific Writers Ltd is a boutique medical and technical writing company for the MedTech and medical device industries.  

Founder, Dr Allison Kirsop, recognised the need to provide clients with the flexibility of a large agency while retaining the personal relationship you only get from working with a freelance writer. Scientific Writers fits right there in the middle.

Team members who are the right fit for our clients are carefully selected. From award-winning science communicators to internationally-recognised researchers, the Scientific Writers crew is currently seven strong and growing.


We work closely with clients to deliver on time and on budget

Our writers are members of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) – some with several years of experience in voluntary positions within the organisation (EMWA). 

We are proud to hold many advanced EMWA training proficiencies within our team.

Allison Kirsop


Allison gained a Ph.D. in bio-inorganic chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, UK in 2008. 

As a research chemist, she successfully designed antiviral drugs against HIV and drug delivery mechanisms for bone cancer and diabetes.

Allison is an active member of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) and holds an appointed position on the Executive Committee.   

She served for three years in the EMWA Freelance Business Group, and in 2022 she helped to establish an EMWA Special Interest Group for Entrepreneurship. #EMWAEPSIG

Proud member of


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